If this is it…

It looks like Misty may have found her forever sugar mama, after all.  For a while I thought it might be I, but in the long run maybe this is meant to be.

I’m grieving, and I miss her so much it’s an ache in my soul…but I want what’s best for her.  

Good bye, Misty.  I wish you all the love, joy, fun and unadulterated saturation of a life lived well as one beloved.


One espresso ball of fur on the bed, please

Sweepy puppy in the sun

We hiked Redwood Regional yesterday.  What a perfect hike:  clean, green air, crisp cool weather (not too hot, not too cold).  Misty had a blast finding the biggest branches she could haul, prancing about like a show pony.  She even attempted to drag an entire downed Redwood.  Big thinker in a little body.

I bought a bottle of “natural” flea and tick spray for the hike.  It cost almost $17.00 and stank up a headache but hopefully it works.  If you ever use this stuff I would recommend bathing your dog after you finish hiking because if the smell bothers a human this much I can only imagine what it does to the sensitive olfactory organ on a dog.

I also discovered that Misty is not Lassie.  I slipped in the clay-like mud and fell with a resounding thump flat on my back.  Instead of showing grave concern and trying to help her “great master” out of danger, I could swear she was laughing as she hopped all around me, adding little paw-shaped prints to the giant smears of mud on my once-pristine clothing.  Maybe it was payback for calling her a mudpuppy.

High and dry

Through all this miserable cold rain I have been so grateful.  Grateful that all the suffering Misty and I endured, has made us appreciate the simplest things with deep satisfaction.  Things like having a dry, warm place to run back to after walking in the rain and getting cold and soggy.  Things like clean blankets and soft pillows.  A quiet, safe sanctuary where the sun shines in to heal your body and your soul.

Sometimes you just have to stop and be grateful.  Even if your dreams have yet to be realized.

Is that my Einstein sugar mama out there?

So basically I’m thinking an ideal home for Misty would be some kind of super-brain female who works from home and has acres and acres of space.  Misty is so darned smart and picks up new things so quickly I have a hard time keeping up.

She learned “give me paw” in about fifteen minutes.  The other day she picked up [my retarded version of] “heel” and got it so quickly after one walk she was like, “been there done that, give me something I can’t do with three paws tied.” 

This morning she learned to jump onto a large log and leap off of it to grab a stick on her way down, and reverse.  She really, really loves learning new things, complex games and interacting in a teaching environment.  I think she’d be stellar on an agility course.   

She also wants to play with some dogs and has played well with my friend’s male pit bull but she does seem to prefer older male dogs her size or larger.  She still needs good socialization training because she has had only very little opportunity to interact with other dogs.

This girl has so much potential; I’m just aching to see her go to a person who can do so much better for her than I can.

Where o where is that special someone…

who will love me, understand where I’m coming from, need me as much as I need them and keep me forever and ever?